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Species Distribution - Mangroves and Associated Fauna
   Luk Keng
    Site Description

Located just beside Luk Keng Road, this is a popular weekend destination for travelers. There are many small mangrove patches along the shore of Starling Inlet. Due to the surrounding headlands, the small bays are protected from the northeasterly wind and permit accumulation of sediments from the catchment to form the extensive mudflat. Dense mangrove forests have developed inside some of the man-made impoundments. The extensive mudflats and mangroves at the site offer good opportunities for bird watching. Located in the inlet is A Chau, where a large and important breeding colony of Little Egrets can be observed. The substratum there is soft and potentially dangerous, however, so it is not recommended to venture too far out onto the open mudflat.

    Site Protection



Green Minibus:
56K   Fanling Railway Station - Luk Keng
Disembark at Pok Tau Ha and head south along Luk Keng Road. The mangrove is beside the road on the right.

    Survey method

Surveys were undertaken during low tide period (i.e. tidal level < 1.2m).  The mangrove site was first identified from aerial photo; subsequently, ground truthing was conducted to delineate the exact boundary and extent of the mangrove to determine the total area.  During each survey, mangrove species were observed and recorded on site. Survey of mangrove-associated fauna was standardized by dividing each site into three zones (upper, middle and lower shore) followed by fauna searching in each zone for 15 minutes.

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