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Species Distribution - Mangroves and Associated Fauna
   Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai
    Site Description

The site is located in the inner bay of Three Fathoms Cove.  The mangroves receive discharge from a number of small fresh water streams originating from Ma On Shan.  The site possesses a diversity of habitat including mangroves, open mudflat, sandy shore covered with cobbles and natural water course.  A clear mangrove zonation pattern and well-developed back-shore community can be observed at the site.

    Site Protection

The site is covered by the Kei Ling Ha Mangal SSSI.


Kowloon Motor Bus:
299   Sai Kung - Sha Tin
99     Sai Kung - Wu Kai Sha Railway Station
Disembark at Shui Long Wo stop and walk down the road next to the public toilet leading to the shoreline. Turn left upon reaching the shore. A public toilet is found at the end of the road where the site can be accessed easily.

    Survey method

Surveys were undertaken during low tide period (i.e. tidal level < 1.2m).  The mangrove site was first identified from aerial photo; subsequently, ground truthing was conducted to delineate the exact boundary and extent of the mangrove to determine the total area.  During each survey, mangrove species were observed and recorded on site. Survey of mangrove-associated fauna was standardized by dividing each site into three zones (upper, middle and lower shore) followed by fauna searching in each zone for 15 minutes.

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